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Test Sermon

Test Sermon

God Raises the Dead

Acts 26:19-27


~1mo ago in SS we wtchd DTS Tbl Podcast on Nicene Creed Darrel Bock&Scott Horrell

Nicene Creed written AD325 to affirm Christian belief in trinity, partic deity of JS

Bock sd off handedly, we don’t gv enuf emphasis to role of God the Father in res of JS

JFS Easter/Resurrection Messages from 1991 to 2018 – I have not had one!!!

Today, I would like to look at the role of God the Father in the resurrection of JS

I. Research

A. Banter with Pastor Lucid, survey commentaries,

=> very little on the role of the Father in the resurrection of Jesus Christ

B. So I did a word study, consisting of all the words used w/r to the resurrection

Rise, risen, raise, raised, raising, rose, resurrection, brought up [fm the dead]

II. Results

A. JS died, he was buried in a tomb, rose on the third day 1Co15:1-6

B. JS spoke of His death and rising in all 4gospels: Mt16:21; Mk9:31; Lk9:22; J2:19

C. all 4gospels record resurrection encounters: Mt 28:6; Mk16:8; Lk24:6,7,34; J20:9

D. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are mentioned w/r to Jesus rising from the dead

Jesus – J2:19 and 10:17,18

Holy Spirit – Ro8:11 and 1Pt3:18

I fnd othr vss cited 2spprt JS and the Holy Spirit rol in JS res, bt context not spprt

E. ~38vss state that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead

  • ~26vss, 100%clear – including Ac224 1731 Ro424 1Co614 Ga11 1Pt121 Hb1320
  • 6vss, Nearly Certn, implied by passiv voice – including M16211Co1512Mk1428
  • 6vss, High Probable fm context –including J2114 Ro69 1Co1515 1Pt321

F. Almst all th refrncs in th NT indicat God th Father raised Jesus the Son from the dead

3 passages in the OT note raising the dead is divine prerogative Dt3239 1SM26 2Kn57

III. God the Father Raises Jesus From The Dead In Acts

A. Th gospels have many references but Acts has the most direct refs To Father raise Son

B. Ac 2:24,32 – Peter’s Pentecost sermon

C. Ac3:15,26 – Peter and John healing of lame man in temple and witnessing after

D. Ac13:30,33,34,37 – Paul at Pisidian Antioch, evangelistic sermon

E. Ac 17:31,32 – Paul at Mars Hill evangelistic sermon

F. Ac 26:8, 23 – Paul B4 Agrippa and Festus at Caesarea shortly before P sent to Rome

1. Festus hears P and Jews, P appealed to Caesar 25:11

2. Festus Presents the Case of Paul to Agrippa 25:13-22

3. Festus Explanation to Agrippa and Assembly 25:23-27

4. Paul’s Defense 26:1-23, note ref to God raise the dead v8

5. Festus and Agrippa’s response to Paul’s Defense

Festus – You’re mad, 24-26 1Co 1:23,24

Agrippa – You almost persuade me to become a Christian, 27,28

IV. What Are Some Things That Come With God The Father Raising Jesus from the Dead

A. I have tried to show you there is a major emphasis of God the Father in raising JS

B. Now this is obvious and yet I and many others hv not given this the proper emphasis

C. Let me share a few of th practicl and import implications that come fm this emphasis

1. Assurnc tht in th Day of Jdgmnt, th rghtsness of JS blngs 2blvrs. Ac1731 Ro424

2. We should walk with newness of life, enthusiasm for life with God center not

preoccupied with death and dying. Ro64,8,11-12

3. Hvng bn rsd w Christ, we shld set our minds on hvnly and eternal things Co31,2

4. We shld have a living hope. Hope that comes through in everyday living. 1Pt13

5. The precs blood of th Lamb spilt and raised is th fndn of ur faith&hope 1Pt321

6. We are works of God in progress and we need to do works with God’s will in

mind Hb1320,21

7. U ar not ‘mad’ 2blv in the resurrection. Words of truth and reason Ac26:23-25

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